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Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

English Drama

DURATION : 15 minutes
SCRIPT by : Mr. Har (
PLAYERS : 5 Persons
Player 1 : The Candidate for the House of People’s Representatives (Caleg DPR)
Player 2 : A Farmer (Petani)
Player 3 : A Fisherman (Nelayan)
Player 4 : A Laborer (Buruh/Karyawan)
Player 5 : A Non-Government Teacher / NGT (Guru Honorer/GTT/Swasta)
SETTING : A farmer and fisherman are talking about their condition. They complain to each other.
They feel that it is very difficult to get money for their living.
Farmer : It seems to me that this life is very hard, very difficult. My rice needs fertilizer but
I don’t have any money to buy it. Uh, I’m very confused…
Fisherman : Yeah, so am I. You know, I cannot go to the sea. I cannot sail to look for fishes. No
money to buy fuel, no money to repair my boat and fishing equipments.
Farmer : So, what are we going to do?
Fisherman : I don’t know…
(The Laborer is coming)
Laborer : Hi, anybody wants to join with me?
Farmer : Where?
Laborer : There is a campaign for the legislator election today. Who knows, we can get
money from the candidate (smiling).
Farmer : How about you, are you interested?
Fisherman : Emm, okay. You’re right. Who knows we can get money…
Laborer : All right. Let’s go…!
(They are going to the campaign place)
SETTING : In the campaign, the candidate is speaking in front of people. He is trying to influence the
people to choose him as the member of the House of People’s Representatives. He promises
to make this country better than before.
Candidate : In the name of God, I ask you all… Choose me to be the legislator of the House of
People’s Representatives. Choose me if you want to make this country better than
before. Let me tell you, if I become the legislator… I will dedicate my life for this
country. There are no more corruption, collusion, and nepotism!! So, don’t
forget… choose me by giving checklist mark, or ‘contreng’ on the candidate no 1,
party no 50: ‘Partai Sembako’…!!!
Farmer : Really? You know, I often hear what you’ve said. Many candidates say it. Many
candidates give promise like you. But, what they’ve said is… nonsense! Bullshit!!
Fisherman : Yes. After you have become the member of the House of People’s
Representatives… you will forget us. You will only think about yourself!
Candidate : Oh, no… I’m different with them. I will not only give you promise, but I will also
give you evidence. Yeah, I will prove it. I will make my promise come true.
Laborer : Wait! As a laborer, I also want to improve my life. But, what for do we choose
you, if you cannot make our life better than before?
NGT : Yes, right. How do we know that you will able to develop and make this country
better? As a non-government teacher, I would like to ask you: What is your
planning to improve our life?
Candidate : Ok, all right. Let me explain my programs. First, I will emphasize on the
improvement of our economy. To the farmers and fishermen, I will give funds
and easy-credits… so they can buy fertilizers and sailing equipments easily. To
the laborers and government civil servants (PNS), I will increase their salary… so
they can improve their life. My second program is fighting against corruption,
collusion and nepotism! So there are no more corruption, collusion, and
(The farmer, fisherman, laborer and NGT then keep nodding. It seems that they agree with the candidate)
Laborer : I’m sorry. Excuse me. But, how do we know that you will keep your promise?
How do we know that you will make it come true?
Candidate : I see. Don’t worry about it. I said that I would make your life better. And now…
I’m going to prove it. Listen! Yeah, now, now… I give you money!! Here you
(The candidate gives some money to the farmer, fisherman, laborer and NGT)
Candidate : Okay? Do you believe me now? So, don’t forget to choose me… give checklist
mark, give ‘contreng’ at the candidate no 1, party no 50: ‘Partai Sembako’…!!
(The farmer, fisherman, laborer and NGT then say and yell together: “Yes, yesss…”!!)
(The campaign is finished. The famer, fisherman, laborer and NGT are going away. The candidate is
sitting alone, smiling to himself)
Candidate : (saying/mumbling to himself) Yeah, they’re actually right. After I have become a
legislator, I will forget all my promises. I only think of myself. I only think how to
get power and… to get my money back! That’s my purpose. That’s politics!
SETTING : One year later.
The farmer and the fisherman feel that there is no change to their life. It is still very
difficult to improve their condition.
Farmer : I hate being a farmer like this!
Fisherman : (laughing) Yeah, I often think like that. I am also bored to be a fisherman. There is
no change to our condition. We still lack of money.
Farmer : Wait. Do you remember our legislator?
Fisherman : You mean… the candidate on the election last year?
Farmer : Yes. Let’s go to find him. He promised that he would help us
Fisherman : Wait a minute. How if he breaks his promise? How if he doesn’t want to help us?
Farmer : Don’t say like that. Let’s try!
Fisherman : But, what will we do if we fail, and he doesn’t want to keep his promise?
Farmer : Mm… I don’t know. We think it later.
Fisherman : (nodding) All right. I’m with you
Farmer : Now, let’s find him!
SETTING : The farmer and fisherman are debating with the legislator (candidate).
Legislator : I understand your condition. I know that you chose me on the election last year.
But, it doesn’t mean that I should give you money directly…
Farmer : Why not? You said it in your campaign.
Legislator : If you want to improve your life, you must work… You must work hard!
Fisherman : Listen, we don’t need advice anymore. What we need is your help, your real
action to give us fund…
Farmer : Yes, I need fertilizers.
Fisherman : I need fuel and fishing equipments.
Legislator : Oh, no. That’s enough. Listen to me, you must try by yourselves. If you want to
get fertilizers, fuel and fishing equipments… you must pay with your own
money. Once again, try to improve by yourselves!
Farmer : It means that… you break your promise!
Legislator : Come on… I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It’s over. Sorry, I have a
meeting today. See you later…
Fisherman : Wait, wait! You… lier! I hate you!!
(The legislator keeps going away)
(The laborer and NGT are coming)
NGT : What’s going on?
Farmer : Our legislator has broken his promise. He doesn’t keep his words.
Fisherman : His promise is nonsense! Bullshit!!
Laborer : So, what are we going to do?
Farmer : Mm, I don’t know.
Fisherman : You know, I hate him! Lier! I want to kick him…
NGT : No, no… It’s not a good way. Let me tell you… You had better report the
legislator to the police. I will help you to make the report.
Laborer : That’s a good idea. But, we need a reason that he has broken his the law.
NGT : I can handle it. Do you remember what he did in the campaign last year? He gave
us money. You know, it’s a kind of ‘money politics. That’s the point.
Farmer : I see…
Fisherman : Okay. I really hate him. He is a lier. I want to throw him into the jail!
Laborer : (Smiling) So, let’s go to the police…
(All of them are leaving, going to the police office)
The End
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